Who can train Muaythai Boran?

Muaythai Boran is for everyone at the Academy, no need to have a good physical condition; In our classes there are students All levels, Beginners Starting without any prior knowledge, up competitors.
You will train in excellent atmosphere that represents the values ​​of Muaythai Boran in the Academy: Tradition, Culture and Respect

I have never trained Muaythai Boran…

Our team will initiate you in this Thai art, helping you achieve your goals.

How is the training?

In At the Academy we train just like in a Thai training camp in Isaan. Jump rope, training tire, shadow, work in the sack, sparring, work paos, spots (clinch) to which we attach great importance to end and Kicking, knees and abdominal sac, dominated, and stretching. In classes we speak "Thai" for our students to learn the language.

What materials do I need to train?

To train at the Academy you need a T-shirt, Shorts, and the basic material that we have in our facilities: Gloves and bandages

Our team of professionals have lived in Thailand for many years., andare certified by the Thai Teachers Association, They compete and have competed at a professional level and continue to travel to Thailand constantly to improve and teach classes just like in a real "Thai" training camp in "Isaan”, the most precarious region of thailand.