Muay Thai Thailand Barcelona Camp

Who we are?

Academy of “Muaythai Boran “Muay Thai Thailand Barcelona

Traditional Muaythai Boran Academy with Thai program. Plan de entrenamiento exclusivo para Principiantes.

Academia con más de 30 years of experience where their Teachers are certified by the Thai Teachers Association, have lived in thailand, Bangkok e Isaan durante muchos años compitiendo a nivel profesional, and constantly traveling to Thailand to improve, Arjan Cotur, Arjan Kao pong lek y todo su gran equipo de profesionales, speaking the language "Thai" perfectly, They teach traditional Muaythai Boran classes with an official training program. Durante todas las clases se habla el Tailandés, and develop their Training Plan for all students with a personalized follow-up. Ellos enseñan a sus alumnos valores como el respeto, all the art of Muaythai Boran and his love for Thailand and the Thai people, Teach classes for beginners, as well as Professional competitors, alumnos a partir de los 7 years old (cursos privados), clases de “Muay thai Femenino”, also private lessons, special courses, and training plans “And Thailand”.

The “Beginners” program is unique and all correctly executed techniques are tracked. Este programa es exclusivo para alumnos sin ningún conocimiento previo.

«Private Muaythai Boran classes» private personalized training program depending on the needs of each student.